Poly Rain Water Tanks Sale Victoria

Find Top Quality Poly Rainwater Tanks Sale in Victoria from O.P.S Country Tanks

O.P.S Country Tanks can provide the full range of quality Food Grade & UV stabilised Polyethylene Rain Water Tanks Melbourne, Victoria from 520 Litres - 27,900 Litres

O.P.S. Country Tanks

Poly Rain Water Tanks for Sale in Melbourne, Gippsland, Warragul, Traralgon, Bendigo, Geelong and Victoria

Offering a full range of high quality food grade, and UV stabilised polyethylene rainwater tanks, one piece, roto moulded and available in sizes from 520 Litres - 27,900 Litres

O.P.S. Country Tanks is proud to be a wholly owned, managed and run Australian Business. Located on the eastern fringe of Melbourne, O.P.S. Country Tanks has been providing with quality rain water tanks in VIC (Victoria) since starting business in 1998. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality and broad range of products that allow you to capture and utilize our most precious resource! Included in our fixed price, is FREE delivery to most areas in Victoria, and to some close border towns. In addition to this, we will get you going with what you need and want promptly, and as soon as possible.

Installing rain water tanks have always proved beneficial. This helps to make the right use of water resource in its most proper way. And as the demand for these tanks are increasing in VIC, poly rainwater tanks sale are also going on with full effect. Thus with this changing climatic pattern, it is beneficial to opt for these tanks that would solve many purposes like, drinking, garden-watering, bathroom etc.

Our supreme quality tanks are available in various patterns and various colors, and its price is very much reasonable. These tanks not only help to keep your water safe but also provide effective use of this water. So if you wish to keep your water safe, then choose our Rain Water Tanks VIC, and safeguard your water resource in the most effective way.

One of the main advantages of using rainwater tank is that, it reduces your consumption of water and keeps it safe from getting contaminated. Not only this, these tanks also help to maintain your drainage infrastructure in a proper way. Hence choosing our much improved and advanced quality Water Tanks VIC can solve your these purposes at a cost-effective price.

Again if you are worried about the durability of these water tanks, then let us tell you that our products are quite durable and enduring, and not that easy to be destroyed in any way. Hence these tanks are quite strong to keep the water in the safest way. Hence if you are looking for the best kind of tanks, then opt for our poly rainwater tanks sale and get hold of the best variety.

So have a look at how you can use the water resource much efficiently by installing Poly Rain Water Tanks VIC. Our all water storage tanks are build in such a way that you can not only capture the rain water for its best future use but also for keeping it unpolluted, and making it useful in the most productive way. It’s tough rain water tank cover is indestructible and is quite moulded. Hence without giving a second thought, choose our poly rainwater tanks for sale and avail its immense benefits.

O.P.S Wombats

Thinking Water Carters, Trailer Units, Slip-on Units, Carters & full Customs? – Thinking Transportable – Thinking Quick Fill with everything at your hands, when and where you want it? – Then think O.P.S. Wombats!!!!!

O.P.S. Country Tanks presents it’s range of ‘Wombats’ – here you’ll find a set up that is ideal for the farm and business and whenever you require water that is on-site and up close.
tankTank Fit Out:
Here you can select your preferred location of outlet and overflow to suit your needs

Tank Colour Range

This is our Basic Colour Range, more colours are available upon request

CB Merino

CB Smooth Cream

CB Beige

CB Jasper

CB Birch Grey

CB Wheat

CB Slate Grey

CB Monument


CB Mountain Blue

CB Mist Green

CB Rivergum

CB Heritage Green

CB Heritage Red