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Hear more on the ‘budget engine’ debate and the power games currently being played out in F1 on Wednesday night’s edition of Midweek Report. Natalie Pinkham is joined by journalists and broadcasters Will Buxton and Peter Windsor to look back at the Brazilian GP and analyse all the latest F1 news.

Travellers heading to New Orleans in February can take advantage of a city swept with football fever as it plays host to the 2013 Super Bowl. According to Travelers Today, it’s not too late for sports fans to snag a ticket and a hotel room due to a lack of local interest and high booking fees just don’t expect it to come cheap.

“But we didn’t really adjust in what I view as an effective way. Take our football student leadership council, in February they met, (and) they said why would you bring people to campus when it’s not a regular academic term? Why would you have visits in June? These visits should be anchored during a regular academic year.

For example, cheap jerseys when farmers harvest grain in the fall, they increase the stuff available for purchase. As people eat it in the winter, they decrease the amount. In other words, putting a tariff on Chinese goods does not guarantee to reverse the decline in US manufacturing jobs. It would put a heavier burden on American consumers, forcing them to pay higher prices for Chinese goods.

Substitute pantyhose for resistance bands. Almost any exercise you can do with a resistance band, you can do with old pantyhose or tights. In Henrico, painters are putting the finishing touches on another branch of the store off of North Parham Road. You bring your own bags or are charged for bags if you forget them.

“And, they wanted to put strange things in them.” Anticipation grew as Tom Maxon fired up a power chisel and gestured toward the concrete, where a long crack showed evidence of a past earthquake. “You sure you wanna do this?” he called out to Krause, who replied with a laugh.

All did not go as planned, especially when the margaritas arrived. Enjoy this week’s Vintage Himmel.. Among them are the very charming charmoula burgers, seasoned ground beef and lamb freshened up with a tangy cucumber yogurt sauce, accompanied by pickled onions. The mini lamb “BLT” bore little resemblance to its namesake visually, but the diminutive sandwiches with ground lamb, tomato jam, and arugula got the salty fresh balance just right.

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